Introduction to Proof Theory

Week 1 course at Logic Summer School ’18. Lecture theatre G6, Building 39, ANU, Canberra.
Lectured by Anupam Das.

This page will contain resources and useful information for the course once they are available.

Motivation and description

Proof theory is one of the ‘four pillars’ of mathematical logic, and is of fundamental interest to mathematicians, computer scientists, philosophers and linguists alike. It serves as the foundation for many other endeavours in logic and has also been useful in realising the interplay between logic and other areas of mathematics, not least via the theory of computation.

This course will introduce students to the world of proof theory from a computational perspective. The overall aim is to leave the student with an appreciation of how proof theory can be exploited to obtain interesting properties of logics, and how it relates to computation. Moreover this course should suffice to prepare a student for more advanced topics in logic and proof theory.

This is a hands-on and interactive course. There will be designated time in each session to work through exercises and ask questions. In proof theory, like many other areas of mathematics and computer science, you will best learn by doing, not just listening!

About the lecturer

Dr. Anupam Das is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie research fellow at the University of Copenhagen. His research focusses on proof theory, the area of mathematical logic concerned with formal proofs. In particular, he is interested in the interactions between logic and computational complexity.